Helping You Build Faith by Biblical Understanding

A Christian-focused platform to learn about God, Jesus, and Scripture. To seek answers to hard questions and to understand the Bible today. 

Topics I Discuss



Gain Godly wisdom through biblical understanding. Remember, we must be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16



Realizing we don’t know everything or have all the answers and learning to be humble enough to accept when we’ve believed something that was incorrect.


Building Faith

On Disciples Digest, I help answer those tough questions, even those ones that feel like doubt. By teaching the scriptures and giving testimonies of God’s goodness, I hope that your faith grows and that you become a bold but gentle lion proclaiming the reasons for the faith that you have. 1 Peter 3:15



I have been digging and searching for God for a few years now. He has shown me through my seeking the truth and what he has led me to share with others.



You aren’t alone. I felt I was alone when I was born again. Then I felt I was alone when I began searching the scriptures for answers and reading them for myself. Then I felt alone when I started realizing God was working in my life and guiding me. But I wasn’t. I’m here to help provide community so that you know you aren’t alone.


Real World Faith

It’s easy to think about how times have changed drastically since Jesus walked the earth. But one of the things I love doing is tying the bible to the times today. Through the fulfillment of prophecy, testimonials, and through my biblical studies.

About Me

My name is Melissa and I am a Born again Christian who has been given the gift of teaching the Scriptures. I have personally been taught and led by the Holy Spirit and look forward to sharing what I have learned during my walk with God.

This site is a testimony to how God has guided me, taught me, and has revealed Himself to me in so many ways that also want to document them. My goal is to further the glory of God and His Kingdom and to make it my full-time job to teach the Gospel and help people form a relationship with their creator. 

“As someone who grew up atheist, I had a lot of doubts, anger, and questions about Christianity. I was never given answers that I thought were “good enough”. So after so many failed attempts, I eventually decided that none of it was real. I decided that if God was real, there wouldn’t be evil. That I wouldn’t struggle with suicide every day and that children wouldn’t be hurt. I believed more in aliens than a love Father in Heaven. I had never experienced anything really supernatural that I thought was real so I didn’t even believe in ghosts. All of that changed when God led me to Him through researching to disprove Him. He softened my heart and humbled me so that I could understand.”