My name is Melissa and I am a Born again Christian who has been given the gift of teaching the Scriptures. I have personally been taught and led by the Holy Spirit and look forward to sharing what I have learned during my walk with God.

As someone who grew up atheist, I had a lot of doubts, anger, and questions about Christianity. I was never given answers that I thought were “good enough”. So after so many failed attempts, I eventually decided that none of it was real. I decided that if God was real, there wouldn’t be evil. That I wouldn’t struggle with suicide every day and that children wouldn’t be hurt. I believed more in aliens than a love Father in Heaven. I had never experienced anything really supernatural that I thought was real so I didn’t even believe in ghosts. All of that changed when God led me to Him through researching to disprove Him. He softened my heart and humbled me so that I could understand. 

I am happily married to my husband since July 3, 2021. He has helped me and motivated me to teach the things I have learned and to share my testimony of how I was born again. As an Atheist who hated the idea of the God of the bible and hated the idea of ever being held accountable for my actions. I proudly said I was an atheist but was open to the idea of aliens, reincarnation, and simply the circle of life. I thought if there was a God, it wasn’t the judge one from the bible. 

A Christian man at Pfizer challenged my atheist beliefs and as someone who never likes to be wrong, I started researching to disprove God, Jesus, the bible, and all religions. I spent about 9 months researching almost daily. Until January 19, 2019, I had come to the conclusion the God of the Bible was real. That what I thought was “Science” wasn’t science. That’d been deceived nearly my whole life by a public school, television shows, movies, and random people on the internet. Still having never read scripture. I decided that day to kill myself. I made the decision the same was you make the choice to get up and go to work. As I was getting ready to throw my phone out my car window and wreck my car. I heard a thought in my head say “Read the sinners prayer”. 

I only had heard about the LORD’s Prayer. So I rolled my window up and pulled it up on my phone. I read it out loud while ugly crying, trying to see through my thick tears. I was expecting an angel to appear or even Jesus Himself, but nothing happened. I threw my phone on my passenger side floor and threw my hands up in the air. I screamed “God, I am sorry! I am so sorry for all the things I have done to you to deserve to feel this way. I believe in You and who You are! I believe Jesus was your Son! I’m sorry and I don’t want to feel this way anymore!” As soon as I finished speaking, my car filled with unseen light, my radio shut off and I felt extreme love, happiness, and joy. It felt as though warm oil or honey was being poured over my whole body. At the same time, I felt stuff literally breaking off of me. Like when you have tight chains and you pull and pull and they finally break. I felt like I never had before and was 100% sober. 

I don’t remember the rest of the drive home. But from that day on, my life was different. That is my short version of my testimony. I plan to share it in depth and to go more into detail about my journey and how God has made me who I am today. One thing that God led me to do was to expose my employer, Pfizer. I witnessed crimes against humanity and discovered evil things in their database. I believe God saved me for this reason and for this time. This site will have all the uncensored information and videos that I am more than happy to share with the world. 

Disciples Digest is about sharing my walk with God and teaching what He has taught me as I study the scriptures. Coming from an Atheist faith, I know the doubts and questions. I know why most people don’t believe and I come from a place of understanding. This site is to help answer those hard questions and doubts with scripture and with God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit. I will be sharing things I’ve learned, things that have grown my faith, and teaching what I believe scripture says. This is to be a safe place for people to seek the truth, to find the way, and to live life eternally with our Father and Creator. I also feature other subjects of Truth. Such as my experience of working at Pfizer for nearly 10 years. I will also interview other Christians for the testimonies of their faith, some with their experiences at Pfizer. This is to be a place of love and education. To inspire those who so desperately are thirsty for the truth. To awake the other lions, to summon those who want to know God, and to make the Scriptures easy to understand. This is a site meant for those who DON’T know it all, who are OPEN to maturing in their faith and understanding the mature things of God. This is not spiritual milk, but spiritual meat.  (Hebrews 5:13) 

This Christian Faith focused site helps guide people to the truth. I will post videos teaching all about God, Jesus, Scripture, History, and modern-day events and how they all tie together in today’s world. To help truth seekers find answers, to help better understand how Christians actually think and believe. How can we trust the Bible? How do we know the Father of Jesus is the true God? What about all the other religions? How do we know Jesus was who He claimed to be? Can we trust people and their claims of their faith? How do we know today Bible is still true today?  All these things and much, much more will be taught here. Occasionally I will interview other people. While this is a Christ-focused page, I will also touch on world events, current social issues and my experiences, and others with Pfizer. I hope you leave this page at least learning something you didn’t know before. 

There are two major things required for salvation that I will never ever entertain or argue and will consider being heresy.

1. Jesus/Yeshua is the incarnate Son of the one true God. The promised Messiah of the Jewish Old Testament Prophets and scriptures. 
2. That you must repent of your sins and admit that you are a sinner in need of a Savior. 

While I will also teach on things NOT in scriptures in our modern English canon, the Bible is my foundation of truth and anything that blatantly contradicts the Holy Scriptures in its original language is heresy.